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It's a struggle Developing Solidarity.

It's a Struggle Being Positive.

It's a Struggle Making Common Unity.

It's a Struggle Shaping Reality.

It's a Struggle LIVING.

It's a Struggle.

Because it's Slow.

But if we Struggle

At Developing Solidarity,

Being Positive,

Shaping Reality,

Making Common Unity,

We will all Grow.

Because to struggle

Is to work for Change,

and Change is the focus of Education,

and Education is the Basis of Knowledge,

and Knowledge is the Basis for Growth,

and Growth is the Basis for Being Positive,

and Being Positive is the Basis for Building Solidarity,

Building Solidarity is a way to shape Reality,

and Shaping Reality is Living,

and Living is Loving,

So Struggle.

-- Mel King


Chain of Change is the title of a book written by the Hon. Melvin H. King and copyrighted 1981. Originally published by the South End Press, an updated version was published in 2016 by Hugs Press.

It is a historical reference and guide to confronting racism and discrimination in housing, education, employment, politics, and establishing community control.

The backdrop is the city of Boston from the 1950’s through 1980’s and Mr. King’s experience in various capacities from his earliest recollections growing up in the (now gentrified? Redeveloped? Eradicated?) neighborhoods of Boston, to his community activism, leadership in the New Urban League, the evolution of other organizations and his mayoral campaign.

His keen analysis and observations serve to illustrate a detailed and multi-dimensional rendition of these topics, such that their import can be fully appreciated.

This blog is an outgrowth of that expression,  and collaborative dialogue between former State Representative Melvin H. King and Dr. Cheryl D. Holmes. It chronicles efforts to bring this work to the stage and its impact.

This will include announcements and progress reports as well as audience reaction in the various venues where Chain of Change will be performed.

Some posts in this blog will allow comments, and we encourage meaningful dialogue where feasible.

Hopefully you will be inspired and energized to effect change and form your chain of change.


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