It's a struggle Developing Solidarity.

It's a Struggle Being Positive.

It's a Struggle Making Common Unity.

It's a Struggle Shaping Reality.

It's a Struggle LIVING.

It's a Struggle.

Because it's Slow.

But if we Struggle

At Developing Solidarity,

Being Positive,

Shaping Reality,

Making Common Unity,

We will all Grow.

Because to struggle

Is to work for Change,

and Change is the focus of Education,

and Education is the Basis of Knowledge,

and Knowledge is the Basis for Growth,

and Growth is the Basis for Being Positive,

and Being Positive is the Basis for Building Solidarity,

Building Solidarity is a way to shape Reality,

and Shaping Reality is Living,

and Living is Loving,

So Struggle.

-- Mel King