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We have all been here before.

We have all been here before...

But each time we get a little harder, we get a little tougher, we get a little stronger.

We've got to be calmer, we've got to be cooler. We've got to stay together.

I've borrowed (paraphrased) some lyrics from some of my favorite songs that begin to express what Chain of Change is about and what it is to be.

Meeting Mr. Mel King (author of "Chain of Change")  personally in October 2017 was quite an honor and one I would not have imagined happening in my lifetime. I was only peripherally aware of him and his influence on events in my early days of residence in Boston in the 1970's and not fully conscious of the myriad and subtle ways exploitation and injustice can permeate.

I am a child of the 60's. While I witnessed the marches and assassinations and riots that took place (not just on TV) I had yet to comprehend the combinations of ways subjugation and oppression can be levied.

Chain of Change has been an invaluable part of that education.

And now, with an idea first borne by Dr. Cheryl Holmes and Mr. King (with acknowledgments to Ms. Joyce King, his spouse) my awareness has multiplied by an order of magnitude.

[UPDATE: 06/13/18. Ed Tundidor, referred by Dr. Holmes, is now a member of the project team and providing a wealth of experience in digital resources and trends.]

As an artist, I've always seen the arts as a force for change, (even in my most cynical moments) and this work has reinvigorated that outlook. Not to mention events of 2016 and beyond...

So the time has come to expose another layer (or more accurately layers) of the meaning of Chain of Change.

Benefit from the shared experience....

-- Brandon Guillermo, owner of Diverse Elements

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